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Cianchette Hangar
At the October 1998 Convention, the Twin Beech Society dedicated both its newly restored 1938 S18D, CF-BKO and the new 7,200 square foot Beech 18 Museum. On April 6, 2001, during the Annual Convention, the Beech 18 Museum was re-dedicated as the Alton E. “Chuck” Cianchette Hangar, with the Cianchette family in attendance. Chuck was described as “The ‘Spark Plug’ of the Twin Beech 18 Society”, providing direction and guidance to the organization during his many years of service on various committees, and as a Trustee of the Staggerwing Museum Foundation, Inc.

Ground was broken for the Cianchette hangar expansion at the 2002 Beech Party, construction started shortly thereafter, and completed for dedication at the 2003 Beech Party in October. The lack of space in the current facilities for adding any new archives, as well as room for growth, needed to sustain the Museum and offer new and exciting displays was the impetus behind this project. The new addition of 11,000 square feet brings the total available room in the Cianchette hangar to 18,000 square feet. The expansion costs were covered by the generous pledges and contributions of our members. We want to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to those who took part in this exciting endeavor.

A recent addition to the Cianchette hangar was the Hangar #7 expansion. This area is a great place to view the flight line, as well as enjoy great conversation, and cool beverages.

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