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Wings for the Future
A legacy based around Beech’s incredible history
In order to insure the perpetuation of this unique museum, we must continue to build our endowment fund. If you are thinking of participating in this tax deductible program, please understand that a gift of any amount, whether it is cash, an insurance policy, or a codicil to your will, gift in kind, etc. is critically important to the future of the Foundation.
To qualify for a membership in "Wings for the Future", you only need to advise the Staggerwing Museum Foundation that you have made arrangements for a present or future gift to the endowment program. It is not necessary to disclose the amount of the gift.
Participants will be recognized as members of the "Wings for the Future" and appropriately displayed at the Museum.
We recognize that endowment gifting is not for everyone, but if you have an interest, would you please print out this page, check the appropriate box and/or add your comments, and send the form to the Staggerwing Museum Foundation.
____ I have already established an endowment gift to the Staggerwing Museum Foundation.
    ____ In my will
    ____ A trust arrangement
    ____ An insurance policy
    ____ Other
____ I like the concept and will consider establishing an endowment gift.
____ I would like more information regarding options and process for establishing an endowment gift.
Wings for the Future Contribution Concept

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