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Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship'
Texaco 13 Wings and Tail

The wings are painted as Texaco 13, or Mystery Ship c/n #5. These wings are called “short span”, and are indeed shorter than the standard ones. They are in the same condition as when we received them from David Jameson in the early 1970s. David was under the impression they were from c/n #1 R614K, but could not confirm the origin. From Ed Phillips’ Mystery Ship, “Records of The Texas Company indicate that a separate set (of wings) were later built for use on Texaco 13.”

A complete article was devoted to this subject in Ed Phillips’ Mystery Ship, entitled “The Question of Wings”.

The tail section was salvaged from c/n #1 R614K. From Ed Phillips’ Mystery Ship, after an accident in the 1931 Bendix Trophy race, “The remains of R614K were stored in a hangar at Cleveland until after the races when some parts and components were salvaged. Eventually, the tail section found its way to the Staggerwing Museum Foundation in Tullahoma, Tennessee where it was placed on display along with other minor components from the airplane.”

Additional details of R614K are covered here.

Additional Information
- R614K History

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