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Weber Bonanza
  • First flight 28 January 1947.
  • Issued Special airworthiness certificate by the CAA February 13, 1947
  • Ferry Flight to Burbank California (7.5 hrs) 25 Feb, 1947
  • Beechcraft issued Bonanza type certificate March 25, 1947 (NC80418 had flown 35 hours sales demonstration flights by March 25th)
  • Owned by Pacific Aircraft Sales, with offices in Burbank, Fresno, and Oakland. With factory installed optional dual yoke and dual brakes, NC80418 was operated as the first west coast demonstrator Bonanza through 1948 averaging 5 demo rides per day till the end of 1948.
  • Fabric flaps and Ailerons! Only the first 40 so equipped.
  • D-2 through D-170 left the factory with this paint scheme.
  • The first 50 had the external upper cabin door latch.
  • 20 Gallon Auxiliary tank in Baggage compartment installed by Beechcraft in 1948.
  • Interior restored to factory original colors, fabrics and patterns.
  • Instrument panel is as original, new plastic, new placards, new paint etc. modern radios installed.
  • Original E-165-4, 165 HP, Max cruise RPM 2050.
  • Beechcraft 215 electric prop. 88” blades, solid state controller.
  • 2300 hrs TTAF.
  • Engine and Prop approximately 100 Hrs SMOH.
  • Extensive ground up restoration completed July 2003. Complete disassembly with all parts refurbished or replaced.
    • New Glass, Insulation, wiring, wing bolts, all rubber (seals, chafe strips, etc.), all hardware, all instruments overhauled, landing gear chromed and overhauled, all magnesium castings replaced with new aluminum pieces (stabilizer mount, ruddervator belcranks), Fuel cells overhauled, all decorative chrome re-plated.
  • All ADs complied with, speed restriction lifted.
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