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Parker Staggerwing  #2
After World War II, the Twin Beech took center stage on the Beechcraft production lines, but the venerable Model 17 was not forgotten. Virtually handcrafted and custom-built, the Model 17 had been an expensive airplane to build since its introduction in 1932. But that was the price Walter Beech and Ted Wells had to pay to reap the performance benefits afforded by the airplane’s clean, aerodynamic design. The price for a new G17S was $29,000 in 1946, a time when a new Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza provided comparable performance at a cost of $8,975.

Based solely on the popular D17S which had been in production since 1937, the new derivative G17S received a number of important improvements intended to foster customer appeal, make it more profitable, and justify its high price. Over twenty modifications were incorporated into D17S to create the ultimate Staggerwing: an extended engine mounting to improve load distribution, a new pressure type cowling (with a manually controlled cowl flap) which faired into the fuselage more smoothly, a more steeply sloped windshield, and a slightly enlarged vertical stabilizer to improve directional control. In addition, there were new landing gear doors, an updated instrument panel, and new interior furnishings.

Beechcraft G17S NC80308 was originally delivered to Dunham-Pugh Co. of Baton Rouge, LA. In 1948, the next owner was the Chairman Emeritus of the Staggerwing Museum Foundation, H.H. “Red” Holloway, until he replaced it with a Beechcraft Bonanza in 1949. In 1992, Steve Parker of Odessa, TX acquired the aircraft and contracted the services of Jim Younkin. In fact, B-7 was used as the pattern for Younkin’s conversion of three D17S aircraft (#6926, 6919, & 6766) to the G17S configuration. The restoration of this aircraft was completed by Jim Younkin and Ray Keasler in the late 90's to the gorgeous condition you see. A modern aircraft in many respects, features include a King avionics radio suite, autopilot, HSI, Stormscope, and many other modifications including fuel system, electrical system, oxygen system, and a 14:1 Blower fitted to its R-985 engine.

Mr. Parker donated the beautifully restored G17S to the Museum in April 2005.
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Additional Information
  Model: G17S
c/n: B-7, mfg. July 20, 1946
Number Built: 20
Gross Weight (lbs): 4,250
Empty Weight (lbs): 3,129
Wingspan (ft): 32"
Length (ft): 26'9"
Engine: P&W R-985/Wasp Jr

Model G17S Specifications
Type Certificate: TC779, Issued Oct 11, 1946
Registration: NC80308
Selling Price: $27,065.00 (in 1946)
Cruise Speed (mph): 201
Landing Speed (mph): 64
Fuel-STD/OPT (gals): 124/170
Range (mi): 1,000
Output (hp): 450

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