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Cianchette Lionheart
In 1999, Chuck Cianchette and his brother Ken, both of Pittsfield, ME completed a Griffon Aerospace Lionheart kit. The fuselage, wings, stabilizers, and control surfaces of Lionheart are of composite construction, with carbon fiber used in the wing spar caps. The fuselage is made with a simple composite ring bulkhead and a typical composite shear box for the lower wing. These major structural elements are bonded to the inside of the fuselage shells. Griffon Aerospace joins the shells to the major ring bulkhead, firewall, and one of the aft bulkheads, at their Huntsville, AL factory.

Both wings are cantilevered, so no struts or wires are necessary. Lionheart’s overall size is very similar to the stock Staggerwing, but the cabin interior is lengthened slightly to provide six-place seating. The Cianchette family donated the Lionheart to the Museum.
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Additional Information
Model: Griffon Aerospace Lionheart
c/n: 003, mfg 1999
Number Built: 5
Gross Weight (lbs): 5,200
Wingspan (ft): 31'
Height (ft): 8'6"
Engine: P&W R-985 "wasp jr"
Type Certificate: N/a (Experimental)
Registration: N985CC
Cruise Speed (mph): 210
Maximum Speed (mph): 232
Length (ft): 27' 3"
Fuel-STD/OPT (gals): 152
Output (hp): 450

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