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Reiss Turbine Bonanza
This airplane was flown on four trips Around the World by Dr. Bob Reiss in 1992, 1994, 1999, and 2003, and was donated to the museum by Mrs. Claire Reiss.
Immediately after being purchased new for the sole purpose of making “Around the World” flights, the aircraft began an extensive list of modifications.
These included the conversion from its original piston engine (IO-550-B) to the Allison Turbine by Soloy Conversions under STC SA3523NM, and the installation of a 138 gallon auxiliary fuel tank in the cabin, and a 90 gallon tank on each wing tip.
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Additional Information
  Model: A-36
c/n:E-1503, mfg Sept 6, 1989
Number Built: 50
Gross Weight (lbs): 3,849
Empty Weight (lbs): 2,569
Wingspan (ft); 33'6"
Length (ft): 29'2"
Engine: Allison 250-B17C
Propeller: Hartzell HC-B3TF-7A, 90" diameter
Type Certificate: 3A15, issued Oct 24, 1969
Registration: N9675R
Selling Price: $225,000 (in 1989)
Cruise Speed (kts): 167
Landing Speed (kts): 79
Fuel-STD/OPT (gals): 74/392
Range: (mi): 2,500
Output (hp): 440

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