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Cianchette Staggerwing
For the 1936 model year, Ted Wells and his engineering staff upgraded the popular B17 design into the C17-series that included four versions – the C17B, the C17E (285-hp Wright R-760E-1), the C17L (225-hp Jacobs R-755D), and the more powerful C17R (420-hp Wright R-975E-3). The C17-series was manufactured between 1936 and 1937, and incorporated a few minor changes from its predecessor - the angle of incidence of the horizontal stabilizer was reduced, a push-pull control on the instrument panel retracted or extended the landing gear, and two lights, one green and one red, indicated gear position.

Beechcraft C17L NC16441, c/n 100, was delivered on April 10, 1936, to C.C. Thorp of Los Angeles, CA. It was the second of six C17L models produced and was powered by a Jacobs 225 hp L-4 engine. Well known aviator and movie stuntman, Paul Mantz, obtained it for his charter service (United Air Service, Burbank, CA) by 1940. The service was well known for flying Hollywood stars to Nevada for quick marriages and divorces.
During World War II, NC16441 was used by the Civil Air Patrol and then returned to United Air Service after the war. Subsequently it was fitted with a 285 hp Jacobs L-5 engine (changing its designation to C17B). By 1957 it had been re-registered as N962W and was owned by William Lott, Newark, NJ. William Kobelt, Wallkill, NY operated it with a yellow and black birdstripe finish.

Chuck Cianchette of Pittsfield, ME bought N962W in 1971 and restored it with the help of his brother Ken. The first flight occurred in 1985. Chuck loaned N962W to the Staggerwing Museum in 1986, and subsequently donated it in October, 1991
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Additional Information
  Model: C17B
c/n: 100, mfg. Jul. 29, 1936
Number Built: 39
Gross Weight (lbs): 3,165
Empty Weight (lbs): 1,850
Wingspan (ft): 32"
Length (ft): 24' 5"
Engine: Jacobs R-830-1 (L-5)

Model C17L Specifications
Type Certificate: TC-602, issued April 16, 1936
Registration: N962W (exNC16441)
Selling Price $9,228,50 (in 1936)
Cruise Speed (mph): 177
Landing Speed (mph): 45
Fuel- STD/OPT (gals): 74/166
Range (mi): 865
Output (hp): 285

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