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Morton Lester Twin Beech
Nine hundred wartime production Beech military AT-7, AT-11, C-45B and C-45F aircraft were remanufactured by Beech for the USAF between 1951 and 1955 and became C-45G or C-45H models. The process included the use of new fuselages, center sections and landing gear combined with reconditioned engines, outer wings and tail sections. This resulted in new zero-time aircraft that resembled the civil D18S of that time.
Before being rebuilt, the aircraft on display was an AT-11, USAAF 42-37199, Beech c/n 3628 delivered to the Army Air Forces Bombardier Training School, Childress, TX on March 17, 1943. Following its remanufacture, it became C-45H, USAF 52-10894, delivered on October 13, 1954 to Hector Field, Fargo, ND for the North Dakota Air National Guard’s 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. Outfitted for two crew and four passengers, the aircraft was used in the light transport role and as a way for many pilots to meet their minimum flying proficiency time requirements.

Following its USAF service, in December 1960, the C-45H on display was donated to the North Dakota Civil Defense Agency, Bismark, ND and registered N7916A. It was recently restored to airworthy status and finished in US Navy colors by Twin Beech 18 Society Life Member, Morton Lester, Martinsville, VA and is on loan to the Museum.

Remanufacture Details
C-45H, USAF s/n 52-10894, Beech c/n AF-824 was the result and was assigned on October 13,1954 to Hector Field, Fargo, ND with the 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron of the North Dakota Air National Guard. Its unique squadron insignia, a large eagle holding a bolt of lightning, painted on both sides of the nose and seen on the cover of the Twin Beech Bulletin for March 1998, easily distinguished it. When it¹s USAF service was over, it was donated to the North Dakota Civil Defense Agency, Bismarck, ND as N7916A in December 1960. By 1968 the North Dakota State Highway Dept was operating it.
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Model: C-45 Expeditor
c/n: 3628 9AF-824) mfg Mar 17, 1943
Number Built: 900
Gross Weight (lbs): 9,300 (USAF)
Basic Operating Weight (lbs) 6,000 (USAF)
Wingspan (ft): 47'7"
Length (ft): 33'11"
Total Times (hrs): 5,200
Type Certifcate: A-765, issued April 26, 1946
Registration: N7916A
Selling Price: $57, 838.00
Cruise Speed 9mph) 211
Landing Speed (mph) 65
Range (mi): 985
Engines: P&W R-AN-14B "Wasp Jr"
Output (hp): 350

Model C-45H Specifications

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