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1938 S18D, c/n 178, CF-BKO
Additional Owners of the Beech 18 Museum’s Beechcraft S18D CF-BKO
Beechcraft S18D CF-BKO was registered in Costa Rica as TI-78, Fleet #452 and then used in Venezuela. In January 1946 it was obtained by TACA Airways Agency Inc., Miami, FL and registered as NC66400. The Lodwick School of Aeronautics, Lakeland, FL bought it in March of 1946 and had it until February 1951 when Raymond A. Ross, Miami bought it.
On June 1, 1951 Yankee Lines Inc, Akron, OH acquired it and sold it July 23, 1954 to Airport Associates Inc, Philadelphia. Then Asbury Park Air Terminal Inc, Asbury Park, NJ bought it on December 12, 1954 and owned it until 1972. Later owner, Tom Larson, remembered being told that Asbury Park flew it once and then it sat for twenty years. That may very well be true because the 1964 U.S. Civil Aircraft Register notes that the last inspection was in August 1953 and the subsequent registers continue to note it as ineligible due to overdue inspection.
Thomas W. Larson, Carmel, CA bought it in June 1972 and re-registered it as N2TL. Changes that he noted were: the original “bump cowls” had been replaced by smooth cowls, new landing gear, new wings, new manufacturer’s plate, the water rudder controls were removed from under the cabin floor and the elevator and original logbooks were both missing. Still, parts of the plane were the original: fuselage, tail, seats, some of the interior, original manuals, wing float fittings, nasty heel brakes, and stirrup rudder pedals. Larson raved about the excellent takeoff and climb performance. Even with eleven parachutists aboard it outperformed the newer but heavier Model 18’s.The plane had a total time of 5400 hours in 1979.
It was registered to Airez Aviation Corp, San Jose, CA in February 1988 and then re-registered as N87AZ. It was back in the hands of Thomas W. Larson, Carmel, CA in July, 1988 and he noted that: the 330 horsepower Jacobs had just fifty-five and seventy-five hours since major overhaul, the propellers were recently overhauled, and that he was asking $37,500 which was very similar to the selling price in 1938.
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